Before We Get Started:

Once our technicians arrive at your home, they will answer any questions or address any concerns you may have before they get started. They will begin by laying down drop cloths to protect your floors from our equipment and/or outside dirt and debris. They will then set up the equipment needed to thoroughly clean your HVAC System.

Depending on the size of your home, you may have one or more HVAC systems to properly heat and cool your home. For multi-system dwellings the following procedure will be repeated for each system.

Source Removal Procedure:

The technicians will connect our Intelli-Vac System directly to your home’s main supply trunk line via a 12″ hose.  Once the equipment is properly set up and ready to go, the technicians will begin cleaning your duct-work, taking pictures as they go. Using a high pressure air compressor and specially designed tools, they will individually clean each vent line in your home. When all vents are clean, the technicians will then clean the main supply trunk using high pressure air, whips and/or rotary brushes until all dirt, dust and debris are cleared.

Once the supply side of your system has been cleaned they will then proceed to the return side of your HVAC system. With the main return trunk under negative pressure, the technicians will thoroughly clean each return throughout your home, as well as the main trunk line. When all vents, returns and main trunks in the home are cleaned and free of dirt and debris, the technicians will then clean your air handlers coils, blower fan and drip pan, leaving your entire system clean.

Wrapping Up:

After each system in your home is properly cleaned, our technicians will clean and reinstall all registers and grills as well as patch and seal all access holes with sheet metal, zip screws and extreme weather tape. They will then show you the pictures they took while cleaning your air ducts, ask if you have any further questions and leave you with a copy of your printed invoice.



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