At J&R DuctWorks LLC, we know that only the right tools will get the job done correctly and efficiently, therefore we use some of the most advanced and specialized equipment in the industry designed specifically for residential and commercial air duct cleaning.

HEPA-AIRE IntelliVac is the ultimate portable vacuum for residential and commercial air duct cleaning. This four-module model has a High-capacity, three-stage filtration system that provides true HEPA filters with 99.97% rated efficiency or greater to ensure that only “hospital grade” pure air is released back into your home.

  • Stage One filter is used to capture larger particles.
  • Stage Two is a high-efficiency deep pleated bag filter used to capture more than 99% of remaining visible particles (10+ microns).
  • Stage Three is a true 99.97%-99.99% CDC-compliant HEPA filter, individually tested and certified to verify that it meets IEST-RP-CC001.3 overall efficiency requirements, to ensure that only ultra-clean air is exhausted from the unit.

AIRE-SWEEP Air Compressor is powered by a 9 HP, industrial-grade Honda gas engine. The unit produces an outstanding airflow rate of 17.5 cfm at a rated pressure of 185 psi.

We also use specially designed high velocity air driven tools in conjunction with the air compressor to thoroughly dislodge, clean and remove debris from inside all kinds of duct-work.

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