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At J&R DuctWorks LLC, we are a family owned and operated company who’s main concern is our customers and their families. This is why we continuously strive to provide the highest quality service and professionalism while taking the time to educate our customers on all aspects of the duct cleaning process.

We too are consumers and know the importance of choosing the right company to do work in our home. We also know and understand that when it comes to necessary maintenance and repairs around the house that every dollar counts, which is why we are priced well below most of our direct comparable competition, but still offer a superior level of customer service.

We also long for a simpler time when things were fairly priced and you actually got what you were paying for. We believe in building relationships and rapport with our customers that lasts for years to come. We believe in exceeding your expectations. What we do not believe in are gimmicks, over-charging or price gouging.

When we come to do an estimate for you we will make sure that you know exactly what we will be doing in your home, how much you will be paying for it and how we break it all down. We encourage you to get multiple estimates, so that when you do come back to us to do the work, you know without a doubt that you are getting the best value for your money based on the service, customer satisfaction and peace of mind that we will provide for you.

  • We urge you to ask questions
  • We urge you to be wary of companies that wish to charge you to come out to do an estimate
  • We urge you to be wary of “Blow & Go” companies who come into your home armed with nothing more than a shop vac
  • We urge you to be wary of companies who offer low-ball priced ads such as the notorious $49 whole house duct cleaning groupon
  • We urge you to be wary of companies that pull the “Bait & Switch” tactic. They charge you a flat fee based on a specific number of vents, only to change the price once they get into your home, stating that you have more vents or returns than the ad allows
  • There are countless more scams and gimmicks out there that non-reputable companies and even some of the bigger firms use to get their foot in your door

MOST of all, we urge you to be an educated consumer. When it comes to hiring any service company to do work in your home, the first step is to do your homework. There are many reputable and authoritative agencies out there that provide information, tips and guidelines about the very services you may be in need of, especially when it comes to Air Duct Cleaning. In our “Posts” section of this site are links to a few of them, such as The EPA, The National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) and the American Lung Association (ALA).

Take your time to browse these sites, Google other information on air duct cleaning and then call us to experience the J&R difference 1st hand!


Joseph Parrinello

Owner/President- J&R DuctWorks LLC


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